September 24, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions that applicants and transcribers ask us. Simply click on the question to reveal its answer.


What is Transcription?

When individuals or businesses have audio or video that they need a usable text record of, they employ the services of a transcription company like Nibity. In turn, we provide the audio to our pool of transcribers who listen to the audio and type out what they hear.

About Our Application Process

I live in United States, can I apply as a transcriber?

Of course! We accept applications from transcribers all over the world and United States is no exception. Because of the way we work, we always need transcribers available in every time zone so that we can return transcripts to clients regardless of their requested turnaround.

I’ve never done transcription before, can I still apply?

Of course you can! Some of our best transcribers have come to us not knowing the first thing about transcription. As long as you have great English language skills and a passion for perfection, we will get along like a house on fire.

Why do I need to do your assessment?

We receive hundreds of applications every week. That’s a lot! Of course, among all of those, there are going to be a few thorns among the roses. In order to weed out the thorns so we can get to your rose, we need to put a little assessment in place to make sure the applications we receive are up to standard and don’t keep us from getting to yours.

Is there a fee associated with applying?

Most certainly not! Some companies ask you to purchase a training pack or pay for training materials but at Way With Words we believe that it is you who is providing value to us, not the other way around.

Work and Remuneration

How often will I receive work?

Nibity, as a new service offering, is gaining new clients all the time. Our aim is to have work available around the clock for you to pick up as and when you like

Do I need special software or hardware?

It’s a common misconception that transcribers require advanced software or hardware in order to transcribe. The simple fact of the matter is that as long as you have a word processor (MS Word) and some software to play audio and video (such as VideoLan’s great VLC Player) and a great set of ears (sadly, not available through Amazon!) then you’re all set!

As transcribers start to get more and more adept, many will invest in a decent set of headphones. We recommend a set of isolating headphones (that fit over the ears) as opposed to earphones (which are inserted into the ear) as they not only block out the ambient noise from your environment but are also more comfortable to work with. Most transcribers will also invest in a transcription pedal which allows them to control the audio or video file they are working on without taking their fingers off their keys.

How do I get paid?

As a transcriber, the most common method of remuneration is via PayPal. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, it’s very quick and easy to set up! Please make sure though that you are able to open a PayPal account in United States. Our transcribers are paid monthly, directly into their PayPal account.

How much will I earn?

Our rates are available on request. We pay per audio or video minute transcribed. The currency of payment depends on your territory.

Because transcribers are independent contractors, they can choose how often or how selectively they work for us. Obviously, the more work you turn around, the more you can expect to earn. We pay our transcribers per audio minute, which means we pay you per minute of audio that you have listened to and transcribed. As a general rule of thumb, an experienced transcriber will transcribe at a ratio of 4:1 whereas a novice transcriber may transcribe at a rate of 6:1. What this means is that it will take an experienced transcriber four minutes to transcribe one minute of audio (because they would need to rewind and replay the audio to ensure accuracy).